Max Agency Newsletter 2012: Volume 5

Spring 2012 has brought many new exciting opportunities to our talent here at the Max Agency. We are proud to announce this week’s Max top 10 and would like to wish everyone the best of luck with their future auditions, submissions, and current bookings!

MAX Top 10 

  • Congratulations to Kimoni D, Shane A, and Isaiah N on their audition for the feature film Grown Ups 2!
  • Best of luck to Jasmine F on her audition for Kraft!
  • Congratulations to Richardo D on his booking with Subaru!
  • Congratulations to Savva D on his audition for a leading role on the Disney channel show Crash and Bernstein!
  • Best of luck to Kristen B and Katrina C on their auditions for Marc Anthony Cosmetics!
  • Best of luck to Nicole T on her audition for the pilot episode of Bits and Pieces!
  • Best of luck to Patrick U and Christopher W on their auditions for a Chapmans ice cream commercial!
  • Best of luck to Mark C and William O on their submissions for Bell!
  • Best of luck to Nathan Z and Andre B on their submissions for Air Canada!
  • Best of luck to Hailey C on her audition for Sears!

Audition Etiquette

Whether you are auditioning for a modeling job or an acting role, it is always important to present your best self in an audition. Below are some tips that may help land you your next booking:

  1. Dress to impress! Clothing has the ability to reflect your personality, and is one of the first things that are noticed on one’s appearance.
  2. A strong opening- the first 10 seconds are vital. Introduce yourself, speak clearly, and wear a smile.

Thank whomever you are auditioning for taking the time to see you. Courtesy goes a long way in any industry!

MAX Agency Plays Matchmaker 

A major Canadian production company is looking for a host on a new reality dating series. If you have a big personality, lots of passion and charisma, and feel comfortable matching up individuals, they are looking for you! Both females and males between the ages of 18-50, of any ethnicity, are welcome to apply. If interested, please contact: immediately!


A message from MAX Agency’s Booking Department:

** Once again MAX Agency would like to remind all Talent it is mandatory to check-in every  week on Thursday or Friday. It is important for us to know your availability so  we can submit you for potential projects and assignments!